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Holmegaard cocktailglass

Populær i Holmegaard cocktailglass

  • Fontaine Cocktailglass 25 cl

    Fontaine Cocktailglass 25 cl
    A stylish cocktail glass in mouth-blown glass designed by Michael Bangs.
  • Cabernet Cocktailglass 29cl

    Cabernet Cocktailglass 29cl
    Beautiful cocktail glass designed by Danish designer Peter Svarrer and holds 29 cl.
  • Royal Cocktailglass

    Royal Cocktailglass
    Stylish cocktail glass made of machine-blown glass that delivers a robust and clear glass that exudes Danish design of absolute world class.
  • Perfection cocktailglass 6-pakk 38 cl

    Perfection cocktailglass 6-pakk 38 cl