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By On kanner & karafler

Populær i By On kanner & karafler

  • Verona Kanne, Gul

    Beautiful and peculiar designed jug from By On.
  • Asparagus Kanne 13x17cm, Hvit

    Jug, available in two sizes, in ceramics for beverages or flowers.
  • Clay Tekanne, Brun

    Clay teapot from By On is made of stoneware that creates a raw and handmade feel.
  • Opacity Karaff Mugge

    En vakker mugge fra serien Opacity fra ByOn. En serie designet for å utforske glassets fulle potensiale, hvor lys og vinkel påvirker glassets opplevelse avhengig av hvordan lyset reflekteres.

Flere tips om By On kanner & karafler

  • Saigon Karaffel, Mørkegrønn

    Saigon Karaffel, Mørkegrønn från By On .
  • Pisa Kanne, Gul

    Ceramics jug in a cool different shape from By On.
  • Safari Mugge 13x12 cm, Sort/Gul

    Safari Jug connotes Africa's savannah and its creeping leopards. The pattern creates an effective design, which makes the jug a beautiful ornament on the shelf when it does not fulfil its function.
  • Saigon Karaffel, Svart

    Saigon Karaffel, Svart från By On .
  • Agate Karaffel, Transparent

    Agate carafe has a delicious design with a cork made in the mineral agate. The fact that no stone is like the other is that each carafe has a unique character.
  • Melon Karaffel, Grønn

    Melon shaped carafe in a beautiful green color from By On.